A Wanderess… A Dreamer …A Butterfly

Earth has been my chrysalis…surviving the transformations of the breaking … spreading my wings to be free and roam the wild of the world …drifting on the whisps of dreams …dancing to music that my heart makes …just me and my music …

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

Sometimes with no specific steps …sometimes choreographed to life with spins, turns and voluminous arm expressions …fast, fun and flirtatious …slow and graceful, elegant, or wild and free …with a partner or sometimes alone …

I am finally returning to the USA next week after three plus years …arriving in July of 2019 has triggered quite a bit of contemplation of the past few years …I followed the pied piper of my wanderlust once again when I left …retiring early …leaving family and a secure job …not really knowing the outcome …once again to try and touch, listen, smell and taste the essence of this magical place of earth … and right in the middle of it all, discovering the most splendid and grandest adventure of all …❣ Mr. P

It might not have worked out …but with the daring …like extreme cliff diving without a parachute …I found the never-ending adventure with Mr. P … I am always home, no matter where we roam… and I am having the most epic adventure of my life…

For you, my love …Here’s to all the places we went, and here’s to all the places we’ll go. And here’s to me, whispering again and again and again: I love you.

~John Green

Prince Albert…on the way to Weltevrede Fig Farm

Short and sweet this time, but I’ll leave you with this …Chase your dreams …follow your heart’s music …because it will take you to the most incredible exquisite places …I have yet so much to share

Life, love, and all the magic you can believe in …you are loved, and the world desperately needs the uniqueness of you💟

Stay Wild & Beautiful

“Everything is irrelevant but this: to embrace life. To feel it. To savor it. To love it.”

― Marty Rubin

Credit : Cover Photo by Lorenzo Fattò Offidani on Unsplash

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