Yesterday was the first day of fall..wet and rainy..and yet, it was such a beautiful day…why do we love Fall so much..it is the ending of summer fun..sunny days and vacations…the beginning of cold and emptiness…yet there is a delicacy..an elegance that can be seen and felt…

There is a comfort to Fall..especially for our sensitive souls…there comes a quiet that we can embrace…roaming the deserted streets on rainy days watching the colorful leaves silently meander their way silently to the ground..Autumn is a realm of thoughtfulness, solitude and beautiful sadness…your breath is a cool white mist you breath on windows and draw hearts..there’s dew on the cobwebs, crisp leaves are underfoot..

Autumn demonstrates the fluidity and changeability of everything in life. It reminds us of the eternal cycle of existence and inspires us to embrace the change. It shows us how important it is to let go in order to make a fresh start and teaches us to accept the transition to a different stage in life…

Wrap your soul in the warmth of cozy dreams and languid thoughts,..your body in a large over-sized fluffy sweater..snuggle in with fuzzy feelings..inhale the fragrance of cinnamon and pumpkin spice..quiet the spirit and watch the leaves turn vibrant hues of burgundy, reds, oranges and brown..be in awe of the elegance of Mother Nature on  misty autumnal mornings…“Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.”~John Howard Bryant
autumn quotes

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