A Million Feelings. A Thousand Thoughts. A Hundred Memories. One Person.

Threads of Thought

Threads of bright and dark colours combine into a tapestry that is beautiful…what has and will happen and the interweaving of the threads of those that touch our lives create this incredible tapestry of that we call life…interconnected our tapestries make the world…may love be the thread that binds all our lives…

Bird on a Wire

Life Status: Barely Hanging On

Currently Holding It Altogether With One Bobby Pinn And the Bobby Pin is losing its strength to hold anything together…Some days, I can’t catch my

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Flying Free …

“If you want to fly in the sky, you need to leave the earth. If you want to move forward, you need to let go

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Not My Monkey…Not My Circus

I almost laughed out loud when my therapist spoke those words aloud…I had been upset because I had been trying to control something/someone that I

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Burning to Emerge…

When I started writing about my “climb up the mountain” of weight loss…there was nowhere in my wildest and crazy thought processes that I could

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Time Unfolds beauty, wonder, and mystery to reveal the auspicious tapestry of life
~A. D. Posey
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