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Embracing the Unfamiliar: From Reluctance to Resilience in My First Exhibition

I conquered my fear! YES!

When it comes to expressing artistry, fear can often be the most formidable obstacle, lurking in the corners of our aspirations. As I stood on the brink of my inaugural photography exhibition, a whirlwind of self-doubt and uncertainty threatened to halt me from taking that crucial stride forward. Presenting my work to the world felt like an overwhelming challenge—one I initially wished to avoid. Yet, reflecting on those moments now, I’m immensely thankful that I overcame my hesitations and embraced the opportunity.

What began as an exhibition veiled in apprehension has transformed into an enthralling journey. This adventure not only conquered my doubts but also paved the way for newfound confidence in the paths that lie ahead.

In June 2023, I joined a recently established club, the Ignite Camera Club, which provided me with an additional resource and support system for my photographic endeavors. I discovered that their second annual exhibition was set for August. While I remained a member of the local PECC, this new group was recommended to me, offering a fresh perspective on my photographic journey.

Local and national competitions had become disheartening as they frequently focused solely on technical aspects: well-captured shots, sharp focus, and proper exposure, treated as ends in themselves. I found myself confined by these “rules,” stifling my ability to express personal creativity and emotional depth. While I respected these guidelines, I yearned to push boundaries and explore further. This is where Ignite entered the scene, acting as a valuable catalyst for my growth as a photographer.

I’m profoundly grateful for this journey, where overcoming fears and embracing new perspectives have allowed me to truly expand as an artist.

 “Technical excellence does and will always matter. A badly composed, out-of-focus image won’t stir emotions or win any prizes. But technical prowess is not the end. It’s really the beginning. A necessary but not sufficient condition for a winning photo. A contest winner needs good lighting, posing, contrast, emotion, story, and expression” ~Donna Brok




Video Credit: Erwin Kruger-Haye.... Don't Blink 🤣

Embracing the Unfamiliar: From Reluctance to Resilience in My First Exhibition

In the realm of artistic expression, fear can sometimes be the most daunting adversary, lurking in the shadows of our aspirations. As I stood at the precipice of my first-ever photographic exhibition, a whirlwind of self-doubt and uncertainty threatened to deter me from taking that crucial step forward. The idea of showcasing my work to the world seemed like an insurmountable challenge—one that I initially wanted to evade. Yet, looking back now, I am profoundly grateful that I pushed through the reluctance and embraced the opportunity. This exhibition, which began as a journey shrouded in trepidation, metamorphosed into a captivating adventure that not only conquered my apprehensions but also forged a path of newfound confidence for the journeys that lie ahead.

In those early days of contemplation, the thought of presenting my photographs to a discerning audience ignited a tempest of emotions within me. The fear of critique and the paralyzing worry of my art not resonating with others waged a fierce battle against my desire to share my creativity. The comfort of obscurity beckoned, urging me to shield my work from potential judgment. It was the classic clash between the safety of the known and the allure of the uncharted. Yet, amid this maelstrom of emotions, a quiet resolve began to take root. It was the realization that growth seldom occurs within the confines of our comfort zones. If I were to truly evolve as an artist, I needed to confront my fear of the unknown and seize the chance to showcase my creations, flaws and all. Thus, with a mixture of trepidation and determination, I embarked on the transformative journey that was to become my first exhibition.

The limited time available for preparation before the exhibition didn’t allow me the luxury of meticulously curating a well-defined body of work from the thousands of photographs at my disposal. Nevertheless, recognizing the importance of embracing the unknown, I decided to take this step forward.

I took a journey back in time, selecting photographs that deviated from the expected. These were snapshots from my 2012 Alaskan expedition, captured using a small, non-digital handheld camera with limited sensor capabilities and a modest pixel count.

The decision to curate a panel of photographs showcasing the Alaskan Mountains across different times and locations was driven by the intention to unveil the raw power and inherent beauty of the untamed wilderness. These images aim to convey how, even amidst life’s coldness and challenges, pockets of beauty persistently emerge, reminding us of the resilience and splendour that can be found within our surroundings.  


Image Sold before Opening - by Lynne Kruger-Haye
Sold Image - Yvette Jordaan

Artist Statement - "The Mountains are Calling"

In my series of Alaskan mountain photographs, I embark on a visual journey to capture the essence of the Alaskan wilderness, where nature’s raw power and the ferocity of the coldness converge in breathtaking harmony.

Through my lens and art, I seek to convey the resilience required to thrive in the face of such harshness, drawing parallels between our life experiences and the challenges of conquering these rugged landscapes.

Yet, amid the frigid coldness and challenges, there exists a tranquil stillness, a sense of peace that whispers amidst the wilderness. In these hushed moments, we find an opportunity to connect with the beauty that surrounds us and discover the beauty within ourselves.

My photographic series invites viewers to contemplate the art of finding stillness amidst turmoil, embracing the profound lessons offered by nature’s magnificence. These photographs beckon us to appreciate the beauty that lies within the seemingly harsh aspects of life, finding solace in the stillness and strength within ourselves.

As you immerse yourself in the Alaskan mountain photographs, I hope they serve as a gentle reminder that even in the coldest and harshest moments, we possess the power to see and discover the beauty within ourselves. Embrace stillness, connect with nature’s raw grandeur, and let its wisdom inspire you to find beauty and strength within your own journey.

Guardians of the Wilderness
Piercing the Vast Alaskan Sky
Untouched By Time
Morning Kiss
Rugged Payground of Glaciers

My heart resonates with mountains, drawn by the profound symbolism they hold. Mountains mirror the journey of life, where peaks and valleys embody challenges and triumphs. Just as mountains stand tall against the sky, we too face our struggles with resilience. The ascent may be arduous, but it offers perspective and growth. In the shadowed crevices, we find hidden beauty, echoing how even in life’s depths, treasures await discovery. Just as mountains connect the earth to the heavens, they remind us to reach for our aspirations. The allure of mountains lies not just in their grandeur, but in the profound lessons they impart about our own journeys.

The Exhibition Unveiled: Triumph Over Fear

The opening of the exhibition marked the triumphant conquest of my fears. As I stood outside, nerves tugging at my stomach, I couldn’t shake the sensation that I might succumb to nausea. Yet, the moment I walked through those exhibition doors, a cascade of emotions surged forth. Excitement coursed through me, and I found myself swept up in a whirlwind of awe and inspiration. The gallery space was adorned with a vibrant tapestry of creativity, a testament to the diverse and remarkable talent of my fellow exhibitors. Each artwork seemed to whisper stories of its own, echoing the vast array of human experiences. It was in this kaleidoscope of artistic expression that I saw the culmination of my journey through the shadows of fear. The evening of the event shone brightly as a celebration of overcoming, a radiant symphony of joy and achievement that echoed far beyond the confines of that gallery space.

Conquering the fears that reside in the depths of our hearts bestows upon us a treasure trove of advantages, each leading to the blossoming of personal growth and the unearthing of hidden facets of our identity. This transformative journey extends far beyond a single triumph—it is an ongoing odyssey marked by the fearless embrace of adventure. I recall moments when even answering a ringing phone felt like a daunting feat. Yet, by taking those initial steps, the act of stepping beyond my comfort zones and venturing into uncharted territories became gradually more attainable. With each new door crossed, a newfound confidence emerged, like a persistent light that illuminated even the darkest corners of doubt. As I contemplate the path ahead, I recognize that future creative endeavors might still be laced with trepidation, yet I hold hope that they will be accompanied by a lesser sense of unease, a testament to the power of pushing boundaries and mastering the art of fear.

The act of facing fear head-on possesses an alchemical power, akin to gazing directly into its eyes and then extending a hand, inviting it to walk alongside us. This transformative dance is fueled by a unique blend of courage and vulnerability, as we acknowledge the presence of fear and yet refuse to be held captive by its grip. In this audacious embrace, fear ceases to be an antagonist; rather, it evolves into a companion. As we walk hand in hand with this once-intimidating emotion, a newfound understanding arises—one that unveils the lessons it carries and the barriers it once concealed. Love becomes our guiding force, infusing every step with compassion and acceptance. Through this intimate communion with fear, we unravel the tightly wound threads of limitation, unraveling our potential and revealing the radiant tapestry of our true selves. The journey, while not without challenges, emerges as a transformative odyssey of self-discovery, marked by the triumphant harmony between our inner vulnerabilities and the unyielding strength of our spirit.

We All Walk the Same Path...Just in Different Shoes

In the symphony of life, fear need not be the conductor; you hold the baton. Each step taken in defiance of fear’s grip is a note of empowerment that resonates through your journey. Remember, your story is a beacon of courage, illuminating the path for others who may be navigating their own shadows. I invite you, dear readers, to share your tales of triumphant battles against fear, of moments when you embraced the unknown and emerged victorious. In our shared stories, we find kinship and inspiration—a reminder that the strength to conquer fear resides within us all. As you explore uncharted horizons and embark on new adventures, know that you are not alone. Feel the warmth of love I send your way, a reminder that together, we are a community of warriors, united in our pursuit of a life unshackled by fear’s chains. Onward, with hearts alight and spirits ablaze. 🌟🌈💖

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