There are many decisions in our lives that are inconsequential and/or minor in the flow of an average day..what to wear..how to cut our hair..what side of the bed to get up on..yet, there are many that will change the trajectory of our lives…

I have made many such decisions within my life..some glorious and beautiful..and some that lead down dark and tortuous paths that took years to find my way back to the light from..

I have been working 50 – 60 hours per week for the last month or so..and my exhausted mind is in a heap on the floor of my consciousness..but there still an unrest..an unease, if you wish..for there are decisions that eventually must be made…fortunately they do not need to be made today.

Decisions are the downfall of many an INFJ..and will often send me down a spiral of vacillating thoughts..each with its own tempting offer..often seemingly attractive options…so how do I move from that miry conundrum..

I have been in a job that was sent to me at a time that I need to rest and recover…physically, spiritually, and mentally…a time of relative calm..it definitely has been where I needed to be…and there have been many beautiful and wonderful blessings…but is it time to leave…

But when is it time to move on..sometimes..how much is the reluctance to leave the place of comfort, just fear..I have been an adventurer all my life and I was never afraid..and I will never be happy or contented with the mundane..

I have known for awhile…that there is change “abrewing”..and that I would be moving into another adventure..but is the time now or is this just a interesting option that really holds no future…my story continues…another thread to weave..but is it a color that I want to take up…



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