Morning Ritual/Routine

Make Your Bed

Today is SSS (Short & Sweet Sunday). Although there has been much research on the habits of the most productive people on the plant…more on that in following blogs.

I was rather skeptical as to why would just making your bed in the morning, be such an important part to a productive morning routine..I have always preferred leaving the house a little less disorganized and knowing that the was something in my life that was “in place”…now there is scientific research that supports creating the simple routine..

An organized environment is known to reduce stress and increase your peace of mind.

The daily act can help to create self discipline..sometimes creating self disciple for “working out 3 days a week”, or “eating all my meals at home” seem unattainable..starting small will start creating the joy and momentum toward the larger goals.

I enjoyed reading that “it could save you money”…wow..who would have thought that?..but apparently the activity teaches us that the small details matter..that paying extra attention to the little things..such as making your bed.. teaches you how details matter..and that can carry over to your bank account..with lucrative results..

Still seems a little far fetched..but I do know that the details in our lives DO matter..and routines are critical in maximizing our potential.

Clarissa Silva, a behavioral specialist said in an interview..”our emotional state mimics our physical state”…so the whole point of making your bed in the morning is to clean up and to help feel at ease mentally..something as simple as making your bed “releases happy hormones that will enhance your productivity throughout the day.”

So try it…see what happens for you…if nothing else,at the end of the day, you can enjoy the feeling of snuggling down into a restful sleep… into a neat and tidy bed…let me know if you experience any changes after developing this simple routine.

US Admiral William McRaven delivers a speech about the importance of doing the little things..such as like making your bed every morning..a good watch..

You are loved always and forever..


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