Giddy Up…

WILLPOWER doesn’t keep a rider on the horse…at least not on this horse I’m currently riding.. Willpower does NOT work…A controversial statement for some people…yet an interesting concept… As determined and stubborn as I am… there is a reason that I keep tripping up…yes, I didn’t achieve my goal of staying on track with my […]

March 2022 Awards

I haven’t heard the comments from the judges yet…but after reviewing…although I enjoy looking at it…it really doesn’t evoke a lot of emotion…there is no story either… This is how the awards are rated and what is needed for advancement…of course, being incredibly impatient and itchy to reach for the next tier… it’s a great […]

Creating the Future…

“You can lament over what could have been, or you can do something bold; use that energy to create an enviable future. It is up to you.” Richelle E. Goodrich Being the Aquarian non-conformist that I am… and not good at sticking to New Year Resolutions…I never start my year on January first…instead, choosing to […]

Hiding Among the Tall Grass…

“That’s your solution? Have a cookie?’ Astrid asked. ‘No, my solution is to run down to the beach and hide out until this is all over,’ Sam said. ‘But a cookie never hurts.” ― Michael Grant, Gone I was going to write about the incredible adventure at Amakhala Game Reserve…7500 ha, Big 5 and an accredited luxury […]

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