What did the momma elephant say to her kid when he was misbehaving? “Tusk, tusk!”

Sorry🤣 I couldn’t help myself…A little cabin fever and a few days of an awful virus has me a little woozy…or that’s my excuse…I just looooove funny stupid jokes🤣

Haven’t had any wild adventures lately…but revisiting old photos made me smile at the antics of these juniors at Addo on a Sunday outing….

There is such happiness in just sitting in the car and watching…I get lost watching their antics…so much like humans…

They even have Playdates…
Those Kids are Such a Nuisance

Please forgive the unperfect photos…giving forward a little joy that this beautiful place has shared with me…

May your day be filled with a little sunshine and a lot of love❣ …and some magic too

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  1. I’m so sorry you are not feeling well! I hope you feel better soon. Your photographs have certainly brightened my day. I love each and everyone of them.

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