And Not An Elephant In Sight

An elephant park should have elephants…and they really can’t be missed. Not a one in sight this particular day…but lots of birds…Mr. P…my avid birder husband incredibly happy and we really didn’t mind the absence of the mammoth pachyderms that the park was named after…Addo Elephant Park Addo is a short journey we randomly make […]


What did the momma elephant say to her kid when he was misbehaving? “Tusk, tusk!” Sorry🤣 I couldn’t help myself…A little cabin fever and a few days of an awful virus has me a little woozy…or that’s my excuse…I just looooove funny stupid jokes🤣 Haven’t had any wild adventures lately…but revisiting old photos made me […]

South African Black Ostrich…

The (Struthio camelus domesticus), the black necked ostrich, Cape Ostrich or Southern ostrich…although only the males have the bold black-and-white coloring that they use to attract females…Females, on the other hand, are a drab light brown… A simple elegant wedding in a family member’s house at the Cape…a rainy weekend that turned into the most “perfect” […]

Umbulo the Dung Beetle Extordinaire…Part II

Lately the world seems like a heaping pile of poo with the ongoing Covid pandemic, riots, insurrections, political infighting and unrest, the climate crisis, unrelenting conflict and…and on and on and on…we often become numb to the magic that is at our finger tips…yet there is still wonder and amazement to be found in a […]

Sunday Morning at the Watering Hole…

“Nature itself is the best physician.”  Hippocrates  Double C’s…not that🤣…where is your mind at….Cancer and Covid…each on their own are incredibly stressful circumstances to walk with…together, they can become an overwhelming daily event… To find a place of peace and calmness to breathe in…Mr. P and I headed into nature…we are lucky that Addo Elephant […]

Day 55…Elephants

“There is a mystery behind the masked gray visage, and ancient life force, delicate and mighty, awesome and enchanted, commanding the silence ordinarily reserved for mountain peaks, great fires and the sea.” ~Peter Matthiessen, The Tree Where Man was Born I unequivocally enjoyed our trip to Addo Elephant Park…with the zebras, ostriches, kudu, water buffalo, […]

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