There is beauty even in the solitude of our lives…not in lonliness..for in lonliness we slowly and painfully die..

“Loneliness is the poverty of self; solitude is the richness of self” ~May Sarton

From the outside, both solitude and lonliness look the same..both are characterized by the singleness of a human..but there the sameness ends..

Solitude restores the body and mind..lonliness depletes them..lonliness is a sense of isolation..even within a group of people..solitude is being alone without being lonely..

In this crazy, nonstop, rushing by, noisy world..it is important to rest the body..mind..and soul..solitude is the best remedy for wholeness and peace..your brain and body need time to reboot occasionally..

Walk alone this fall..listen the crunchy crinkle of the fallen leaves..breathe the crisp morning air..hug yourself with a thick, warm sweater..and breathe..inhale deeply and exhale the stress and angst of the day..you may find a satisfying peacefulness in the solitude of the moment..

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