Recently, a major actor in a volume of my life stories, left this earthly plain of existence at the age of 99…Words wanted to be written..threads of memories and emotions came popping out all over the place…the great thing was that nothing completely unraveled…maybe because those threads still run through the current weaving of my life..I started and then hit the delete button…Image result for trash can image free

Why?  Even the dark threads of pain and sorrow, there can be that golden thread of love..and I deeply desire that whatever truth of mine that I present..whether happy or sad..is written with Love.  Love does not always mean that everything is a colorful display of fireworks..a garden of sunlight and roses..or that we do not dwell in the darkness of a long night…love means that we can be at peace..even in spite of where we currently are residing.

I will share content, that is particularly meaningful to me.. information in various forms that was sent across my path..that are tools that assist me in the pursuit of  spinning “my threads of straw to ones of gold and silver.

In pondering the past dark threads, the events and people that helped to produced  particularly…should I say….interesting designs…there comes the need for forgiveness… Not for them, but for me..my heart..to calm the storms that raged..sooth the scars..

Today..as it often does..life sent me the following video..on forgiveness…Marianne Williamson says it well in this video ..Mastering the Mechanics of Forgiveness

*I should clarify that I do not give credence to everything I come across or will even share in this blog..but I often find a unique thread that I feel adds just that particular hue that may be needed, to the current design that is unfolding ..and I share with hope that you might find a particular thread or two that may add a spot of color and strength to your day…

I will finish this writing by sharing a beautiful music video that I came across, that assisted in calming my spirit..

2Cellos-Now We are Free

Never forget..you are loved

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