For a perfectionist, who has always guarded her privacy, beginning to write a blog is like opening the windows of my soul for everyone to see and judge… the beauty of my special golden collection of warm memories and thoughts, along with all the dusty corners and cobwebs, cracked walls and broken windows…

So why would I open myself for the world to view?  A good question that you ask..

In the larger tapestry of life, we are all connected..whether we like it or not..the threads of our lives become woven into the lives of others.  Sometimes it is only a small speck of color that we can  leave..a smile in passing, a listening ear, or an unknown message or gift.  Sometimes we intertwine our lives with others for a season..helping to create a unique designs in each other’s tapestry..that wouldn’t be there without our special colored threads.  Sometimes, we are gifted with lifetime relationships, where we see each other’s unique colored threads running throughout our life tapestries…

So what is my responsibility in these interconnections…what is my response with this knowledge ..what abilities do I possess, that will bring strength and color to those I touch..whether brief or for a lifetime..

I wish to bring many colors of thread for you to look over…some you may pick up to strengthen or add color to your own tapestry…others you may dismiss, as too gaudy or not colorful enough for you..but I  share my personal colors.. dyed in both joy and sorrow.. as well as share the current colors that I am using.. as I am continuing to weave and design my own personal tapestry..you should know…through out the whole, there is the shiniest golden thread of all..the everlasting love of the Eternal…my gift to you

My wish for you..that your life become the exquisite beauty that it was meant to be…

You are loved..

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