“Out of Suffering have emerged the strongest of souls, the most massive characters are seared with scars ~ Khalil Gibran

We all carry the scars of the pain that has come into our lives, whether emotional, spiritual or physical…they are our stories..

I often don’t reveal my story, because I carry many scars..and I have in the past..hidden behind a mask of what I thought people wanted to see..be the woman that no one heard the painful cries in the middle of the night..

But in the healing, I have become proud of my scars..my unique beautiful marks..for I have survived..I am a Warrior Queen…I have fought and I have won..they were unable to keep me down..

Time..sometimes years.. healing takes time..and some wounds may always be sensitive to the touch.. the most beautiful people are beautifully broken..for through the brokenness, the light of love can shine through…

Be Proud of Your Scars..You are a Survivor and You are loved Forever and Always…


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